Divertissons is an hour of improvised music with you and your child at home.  I bring a basket of small  instruments which are easy and fun to play with and show gradually what can be done with the sounds we produce.  Nobody needs to copy, or learn anything.  

These experiences are quietly recorded in your mind and in the mind of your child, and soon you will  be happy creating your own music together.

 The world needs your music! 

I strongly believe that every being has his or her own music that only they can play. Their own story to tell...


We explore sounds and silences, without turning to words to describe them.  Children are interested in sounds - the curiosity of a caring adult gives a child security to explore.

discover your music...

In play, we begin to discover the amazing variety of sounds we can make.  I guide you to a new place: your own music!

your childrens' music...

Some people think: ‘I will never be able to play music...’

Here is a re-creative playground you will be able to share with your child.

I take care to see that all of us are equal when we play.  Is the child at ease? The parent  comfortable? Is everyone curious? 
In a new context...
…with ease

The parent is free to be in the music and play without having to speak or think.

My role is to nourish and maintain the sounds, so all can be in the play, and reinforce their connection, through their experience of music.

...and confidence

Our presence in a sound gives the sound its life.  I help you discover your creative presence so that you will be able to support the creativity of your child. create

Divertissons is the product of my explorations in the world of music.  It is possible for everyone to experience playing music as fun, as ease, as satisfaction, as freedom.  

It starts right at the beginning, in the family, with connections that are beyond words.

I studied violin at the Royal College of Music before travelling and moving artistically from renaissance and baroque music towards Indian classical, world music, jazz and improvisation - music in its purest form.

After my studies in London, I went to play in some of  the great orchestras of Italy - Venice,  Verona, Palermo...   Later, I followed a course of two years of traditional hindustani music in Nagpur, India, with my family.  When we returned to London I studied at Middlesex University to obtain my teaching diploma and begin a career in teaching.  My first teaching post was on the isle of Jersey.  

We have lived in Switzerland since the year 2000 and I taught music at Institut Le Rosey in Rolle until 2016.  I am lucky enough to follow a variety of courses and workshops in contemporary dance, movement and expression.  To integrate these different elements in my practice as a musician and teacher has been a key choice for me in my life and career.


Royal College of Music, London, UK  

ARCM - Associate of the Royal College of Music

Dhakde Academy of Music, Nagpur, India

Guru Sheesha Parampara - Guruji Prabakhar Dhakde

Middlesex University, UK

PGCE - Post Graduate Certificate of Education

What people say...

"Thank you Simon for your enthusiasm, your care, and all these beautiful moments of sharing..."

"A wonderful invitation to express my creativity and journey through the infinite world of sounds."

"Unique experiences with sound, and of self-discovery, different each time..." 

"My daughter is already looking forward to her next musical exploration with you!"

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   play music 

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The early years are very important in our children's development.   The more we can ‘get it right’ at the beginning, the brighter the future - and the less it will cost us.


 My strongest motivation is to nurture  creativity for both child and adult.  My greatest interest is in how the activity develops for the child and in the family when I am not there.  I am always  touched by parents' feedback on this subject!   

Divertissons is at its beginning, and I would like to fix a tarif of chf 80 per session.   This is the tariff which covers my costs.  

I am keen to offer the activity to everybody and for this initial period there will be a sliding scale of chf 50 - 80.    


Price of one session      chf 80   


Sliding Scale                     chf 50 - 80




Simon Ayling
078 677 1569